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4618 Churchill - The Little Things

"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail." - Charles R. Swindoll

You will notice a recurring theme among our blog; quality!  In the age of instant gratification it is harder to sell quality than before, we are too distracted by the shiny things that catch our eye when walking through a home, so we thought it was best to explain some of the little, hard to notice, details of one of our available homes.

The concrete slab of this home (and most Oklahoma homes) rests on red clay, great for compaction, but also known for moving under the slab during times of drought and heavy rainfall.  To compensate, this slab was a monolithic pour, meaning the footing and slab were poured together, allowing the home to move as one unit.  We used 4 bars of ½” rebar in the footing (twice what local building codes require) and installed expansion joints where needed in the brick/stone veneer to keep the masonry from pulling away from the home in the event of an earthquake.  As a redundant precaution, fiber-mesh was also included in the slab to prevent minor, and major cracking, that can lead to future foundation and flooring issues.  We enjoyed working closely with Van Eaton concrete on this build to ensure the home will be standing tall for decades to come!

During the rough framing phase, we installed nearly twice as many anchor bolts as required for the exterior walls, and installed “hurricane straps” on all rafters in an effort to fortify the home during high winds.  The garage doors are framed using engineered beams and heavy duty, steel straps in an effort to strengthen the weakest walls of your new home during periods of severe weather, per Moore, Ok residential building code.

The plumbing in the home is installed using PEX piping and is sleeved for convenience.  This will allow the future owner, in the event of a plumbing leak or failure, to repair/replace the damaged pipes without busting up the slab of your home and saving in total repair costs.

This home features whole-home LED lighting, since we all know the benefits of LED lighting, I will move on to some of the more random, quality features of our new construction homes.  Each home we build has custom, built to order, vinyl windows.  We tell our clients, if we plan to cut a hole in your wall, we might as well fill it with a quality, energy efficient window!  This means our "basic" window includes Argon gas, low-e glass, and custom grid patterns per the owner’s personal preference! Each window is installed per manufacturer recommendations using silicone, and element proof window tape to ensure maximum energy efficiency.  The Phido Group also builds our homes with insulated garage doors and garage bays!  This particular home has Clopay Gallery overhead doors in a Walnut finish!  No matter where we build, these doors are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

Another feature we love to mention, but is hard to describe, is the waterproofing we do for our hand-built showers (this home has two).  Watch the video below this post, courtesy of Schluter-Kerdi, for a description of the Kerdi system used in all Phido Group homes!  The majority of builders choose not to spend the time, or money, to install this system, instead hoping their showers make it the first year without a catastrophic failure, or even minor leak, inevitably leading to future, costly repairs.  This product is included in every project we undertake, regardless of price point!

The front entry of this home has quite a story!  Estimated to be built around 1920, and originally located in a mansion in San Antonio, Texas, this 9’ round-top door adds unique character and charm to this European inspired home.  Thanks to the hard work of our trim carpenters we were able to include this door in a home usually reserved for slab doors you see on every other new home in the neighborhood.

We could speak for several more pages about the little details behind the walls, and under your feet, but we will save those for future blog posts!  Moving forward we will be detailing more and more unique features that go into every one of our new homes!  Until then, we ask you to remind yourself before walking into any new construction home, to focus on the items that are harder to see, but essential to the long term livability of your new home!  If you aren’t sure, ask the builder, or have your Realtor inquire for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple!" - Dr. Seuss

Will you build on my land?  Do you have land available?

YES!  We buy and maintain land for both speculative built, and custom built homes. We often build on land already owned by our clients, and we also work with clients, and potential clients, in finding suitable land to build your future home!

How long will it take, and what will it cost?

Generally speaking a 2,000 square foot home will take 6 to 8 months to complete.  Home builds are dependent upon several factors, but we strive to finish your home as quickly as possible!  Larger, more complex builds may require more time.  Your estimated build time will be included in the contract to build with the Phido Group.  We offer a truly custom home building experience, and offer services across several price points.  Your budget will be determined by the size, style, and scope of the home you desire.  We bid out each home taking into account every custom feature you desire in your future home.

How to Finance your new custom home?

If you are already pre-qualified with a lender, we will happily work with them on your custom home!  If not, we have several lenders, in several markets, who are eager to assist you in pre-qualification, construction loans, and permanent financing.

How do I choose home plans?

We work with several prominent local architects and draftsman.  We have also built many homes from blue prints that customers have purchased online!  We do our best to make sure our clients are privy to the latest design trends and options before purchasing plans.  Plans can cost from $500 to $2,000, so it is best to take your time and visit with your home builder before ordering plans.  We also offer in-house plans available at our office located in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Do you carry insurance during the build?

Yes!  Your budget will include a builder’s risk policy covering your new home during the build phase.  We also carry general liability and worker's compensation and ensure our subcontractors are properly insured as well!

Can you provide references?

Yes!  We invite potential clients to talk with previous customers, lenders, and vendors!  We will also provide tours of current and previous builds!  We love showing off our homes and the quality that goes into each one of them! Give us a call for a list of references!

Do you offer home warranties?

Yes!  Your custom built home comes with a one-year warranty!  If you ever have an issue, we are just a phone call away, and eager to remedy your issue! Extended warranties are also available for purchase upon the closing of your custom built home!

Be sure to watch the video below, courtesy of the Oklahoma Home Builders Association, and Mike Means, for a list of things to ask your builder!