custom home builder

Budgets & Allowances

"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it." - William Feather

      Custom home building in Oklahoma is highly competitive.  This is great news for you, the consumer!  To survive, most home builders are similarly priced because we work within the confines of appraisal and lending laws. This, however, does not mean that every custom home builder is the same!  Square foot pricing, and vague allowances, have provided home builders the opportunity to hide lower quality materials behind your walls, and under your feet.  The most important items of your build are often the least visible, but most vital.  Take the time to let your builder explain their earthwork, concrete, and framing processes, and be leery of rushed square foot pricing and vague product descriptions. 

      Go shopping!  Have your builder share some of their vendors with you and pick out specific items while your builder is pricing out your home.  The more specific the pricing, the lesser the chance of cost overruns and product delays.  We take several days to bid out each project, doing our best to ensure we include every unique feature our clients want, or need.  Open communication with your home builder is essential to a successful build!  If you have trouble communicating your wishes with your builder pre-construction, it will only worsen during the build phase. 

      Your project manager assists you every step of the way, keeping you weeks ahead of construction progress, addressing and re-addressing, your fit and finish choices.  Mistakes happen, so we do our best to keep the channels of communication open throughout every phase of your build, updating you several times weekly with progress photos and estimated trade completion dates.  The quality of your home builder is often revealed in how they handle changes and mistakes.  Our superintendents are on site daily to ensure the conversations between you and your project manager are being correctly implemented in a quality, budget friendly, manner. 

      Our goal is to be a no “change-order” company.  Clients change their minds, and odd things happen, so be sure to know how changes and challenges will be handled by your home builder to ensure you don’t bear the brunt of an unexpected expense.  Be thorough, and ensure your builder is organized and capable of delivering your project on time, and on budget.